Light has never been dealt with as intensively as it is today.

Individual needs and legal requirements offer a large number of variants for using LED luminaires and light sources. Our customers usually focus on light colour, design and the potential for energy savings.

For decades we have used light bulbs and fluorescent tubes which are gradually being replaced by LED technology. In relation to this, energy efficiency is a relatively new topic. Also the fast switch-on behaviour with full luminous intensity and the long service life are further points in connection with the LED savings potential.

With our MOLED® product range, you can purchase high-quality LEDs with maximum efficiency of up to 220 lm/Watt. The products are tested by us before we put them on the market. We prefer European suppliers and also manufacture in Austria (e.g. the M OLED®-BOX). Based on light calculations we have the appropriate information to find and install the right products.

This saves time and money, and the LED luminaires offer additional benefits:

  • 5 year guarantee with regard to switching resistance
  • at least 60% energy saving compared to conventional light sources
  • 50.000 hours of service life
  • no electro smog
  • fatigue free working
  • 0% mercury

We deliver sufficient quantities of suitable light to the right place.