LED stands for "light emitting diodes"
LED luminaires score points for particularly high luminous efficacy with minimum consumption. LED luminaires are now also available for standard lamps with E14 and E27 sockets. They can therefore be used as a replacement for normal light bulbs or as an alternative to energy-saving lamps. LED luminaires produce hardly any heat, and most of the energy is converted directly into light.

The efficiency, which is 7-9 times that of a normal light bulb, is correspondingly high.

LED luminaires are extremely durable and have an average life of 50 times that of a normal light bulb. In addition, they are 100% switch-proof and therefore suitable for short and frequent switching on and off as well as for use with motion detectors.
Compared to conventional light bulbs, energy-saving lamps also have a significantly longer service life, so that the higher purchase price pays for itself relatively quickly. Caution is advised, however, with particularly cheap luminaires. These often inferior offers have a significantly shorter service life.